Learn How To Use The Power Of The Medicinal Plants

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Discover All The Medicinal Plants That Will Substitute Drugs

The Book Of Green Remedies offers a complete step-by-step guide to the healing power of natural remedies. You'll find over 300+ pages with colorful high reslotuion pictures to better recongnize and learn how to use and prepare the medicinal plants.

A hundred years ago 70% of all medicines were made from plants. Most of them are still being used today, but only a few people truly know about them... So, now you can learn the hidden power of the medicinal herbs.

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Backyard Remedies

Most people uproot the medicinal plants in their backyards, thinking that they are just weeds…

But many of the weeds people pull and toss away have been scientifically tested and proven to help with healing...

Which is the best way of treatment that has been PROVEN over time and has helped millions of people around the world?

These are certainly NOT the drugs from the pharmacy for 3 main reasons:

  • They have many side effects

Most of the drugs that are prescribed to us help with 1 problem, but because of their side effects, they cause damage to other organs and systems.

  • They are expensive

Pharmacy medicines are often quite expensive, and because of this, many people prefer not to use them if possible.

  • A laboratory is required for their production

In the distant past there were no laboratories for the production of chemical tablets and it was impossible.

Then how should we heal ourselfs?

The best, useful, cheap and time-proven way to deal with diseases is HERBAL TREATMENT!

You certainly know what we are talking about - herbs have a number of useful properties that can cure a person of many different diseases, and when herbs are mixed in the right way and taken in appropriate doses, they become the BEST MEDICINE!

Here are some quick facts about herbs:

  • They are harmless
    Herbs are plants that have many beneficial properties on the human body without putting it at risk.
  • They are cheap
    The prices of herbs are many times lower than those of trsditional drugs, making them easily accessible to everyone, surprisngly some of the medicinal herbs grow in our own backyards.

  • We can heal ourselves
    Anyone familiar with the power of herbs can undertake an independent course of treatment without having to wait for a prescription or go to the pharmacy.
  • We can prepare the herbal remedy ourselves
    Everyone can prepare their own herbal medicine, and for this purpose no special equipment is needed, just a normal home environment.

There are 3 key factors for successful herbal treatment:

  • To be able to recognize the herbs

Each herb has strong active properties, but to solve a specific health problem, you need to know exactly which herbs to choose. In some cases, 1 herb can solve a problem that 10 others can not.

  • To know how to mix them properly

In order to make an herbal remedy that can really solve your problem, the ingredients must be mixed in precise, amounts. It should also be kept in mind that some herbs should not be mixed because they can become poisonous.

  • To know how to dose your herbal remedies

As we all know, everything is useful, but in a certain amount. Even after proper herbal selection and properly prepared medicine, if the intake is too little (rare) or too much (frequent), it can be dangerous.

Why Trust This Book And Dr.Raman Kumar?

The Book Of Green Remedies was written with the help of Dr. Raman Kumar.

Dr. Kumar is a qualified doctor who worked for more than 21 years in the gastroenterology and cardiology departments, and after the first six years, he also worked in an intensive care unit. Working with so many people made him see a pattern that was repeated in each patient. Most of the sickness people experienced were due to an unhealthy way of life and were easily curable without complicated medications.

Since 2001, he has been working in private practice, and until today he has helped thousands of people not only in the U.S. but all over the globe.

In the treatment process, he uses only natural products and methods of native medicine. His vocation is to help people, so he was happy to join our project to pass on his 30 years of experience related to the healing properties of medicinal herbs, collected and described in detail in "The Book Of Green Remedies ".

Get Your Copy Of The Book Of Green Remedies TODAY + BONUSES

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The Book Of Green Remedies Is A One-Stop Healing Book With Everything You Need To Know About Herbs to Supercharge Your Health

The Book of Green Remedies was made for people with no prior plant knowledge who are looking for alternative ways to help themselves or their families.

The ancient healing knowledge goes beyond healing symptoms as traditional medicine does. Instead, it targets the root cause of the problem and stimulates your body's own healing powers. With the medicinal herbal reference guide included, you can quickly find what condition the herb is for and which herbs are recommended.

Here is what you will find inside:

✔ All the medicinal plants that grow in North America, with detailed descriptions of their healing properties and 1-3 color pictures for every plant, with in-depth identification notes

✔ How to recognize and use common backyard weeds as herbal remedies

✔ How to harvest and use wild herbs to prepare teas, tinctures, syrups, ointments, poultices, etc.

✔ The book will show you each common plant, what its medicinal uses are, and how to make effective medicines out of it

✔ How to grow medicinal herbs so you can have an endless supply of healing remedies

✔ The best methods to harvest, preserve and use medicinal herbs

✔ The detailed instructions on mixing the herbs will give you confidence that you haven't skipped anything important

✔ How to recognize, harvest, and use mushrooms as remedies

✔ The inside of the book has the plants and health conditions listed to make this a truly useful resource with easy-to-find information

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Culinary Herbs eBook

Pages: 87

In this guide, you will discover how to use herbs and superfoods for cooking tasty and nutritious meals that feed your body well and provide natural healing in the most delicious way possible.

You will fall in love with these simple hacks to enrich the flavor of your daily meals so much that you will no longer want to order food at home.

51 Ways to Reduce Allergies eBook

Pages: 16

Allergies cost the healthcare system about $18 billion annually - you are not alone! This guide will teach you the essential tips to reduce allergies naturally.

What you will learn:

✓ How to reduce pollen allergy

✓ How does the color of flowers affect the allergy symptoms

✓ What vitamins and herbs can help reduce the symptoms of allergies

✓ Why alcohol can make allergies worse

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Disclaimer: The "Green Book Of Remedies" was created to provide information about medicinal herbs, natural cures, and remedies people have been using in the past. This information is made available with the knowledge that the publisher and the editor have provided. The eBook's authors do not offer any legal or otherwise medical advice. Please consult your caring physician or another medical specialist before discontinuing or changing prescriptions.

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